Friday, August 24, 2007

The annual spider link

Yep, judging from the number of search engine hits the blog is getting and the number of questions we're hearing from the public, it's time to talk about Jewel Spiders again.

Jewel spiders are large, harmless orb weavers. Most people ask about them simply because they didn't realise that Red Deer is home to any large spiders.

Rather than repeat already-blogged information I'll direct you to this post from 2005: Natural Selections: 'Tis the season.

If you have any further questions (or any other neat spiders to report) don't hesitate to call us at the Nature Centre (403.346.2010).


Oscar T. Grouch said...

I got a great pic of a jewell spider in my backyard in Rosedale last night. Check out on my blog under more pictures.

Diane said...

Nice pics. I've never seen a Jewel Spider quite so... wet before. Did you spray it down to get the web as well?

Oscar T. Grouch said...

I had to mist the web to get it to show up, the spider would hide in the fence, and as soon as the hose went away, down it would come to the centre again. I think it liked the moisture.