Tuesday, November 29, 2011

One last look at our light recycling bin

That's a lot of copper wire that won't be headed to the landfill, folks.

As of mid-day Saturday we gave out the last of our LED lights, so this year's Christmas light exchange is officially over. We started out with 804 light sets to exchange, and they went a lot faster than we were anticipating. Great job, Red Deer!

Thanks once again to the City of Red Deer for funding and supporting the exchange, and to London Drugs for their support.

We look forward to seeing your new energy-efficient Christmas decorations up!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Light Exchange Update

Our bin (nearly) runneth over. As of 11:30 there were only 51 sets of LED lights left for the annual light exchange. We started out with 804. Way to go, Red Deer!

There's still time to get those last few lights. Bring down two or more strands of incandescent lights and exchange them for one set of energy-efficient LEDs. And remember -- those lights you see in the bin are all headed for recycling. What a great way to keep valuable copper out of the landfill.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's in the Woods?

I love walking through the woods - any woods - and imagining what's going on, just out of eyesight and earshot. Sure, you can hear the birds twittering and the squirrels screeching away at each other, and every once in a while you'll hear the crack of a branch telling you that a deer or moose is nearby. On special occasions you'll get to see the animals as they move through their environment, possibly unconcerned about your presence.

More often though, we're completely oblivious to the comings and goings of the larger animals with whom we share natural spaces. By virtue of their better-tuned senses of smell and hearing, animals are often more aware of us, than we are of them.
With that in mind and in an effort to record what's going on just beyond the tree-lines of the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary, the City of Red Deer Parks Department has installed a trail cam in the woods. Over the next few months, they'll move it around throughout the 300 acres and capture daytime and nocturnal images of the animals who travel through and who make the Sanctuary their home.

Here are the first images, captured over a 24-hour period November 16 - 17, 2011.

The three deer pictures are a perfect example of what I was discussing. The images were captured over the noon hour, within 50 metres of one of the trails, and people walking on the trail would have had no idea that the deer were in such close proximity.

As we get more images, we'll upload and share them. 

Keep you eyes peeled. You never know what you'll see on your adventures.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Light Exchange - Video Update

We know that you know how beneficial the Christmas Light Exchange is, in terms of power reduction and Greenhouse gas emissions. Here though, is a quick couple of minutes about the benefits of recycling the old strings you're bringing in to us.

Good job Red Deer.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas light exchange update

Our recycle bin of old incandescent Christmas lights is getting pretty full, and that's fantastic to see.

There's still time to exchange your old lights for energy-efficient LED lights (one new strand for every two old strands per adult), but our supply is limited so don't wait too long!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Saving energy could save you money

Check out this web page for information on the City of Red Deer's Home Energy Audit Rebate as well as other ways you can save money by being energy-efficient.

First snowfall

Anyone here can tell you that I'm not a fan of winter. I have my reasons -- some of which are very justified -- but rather than go into them I'll just state outright that I'm not loving the idea of the next few months' weather. I do, though, like to get out on the trails after a snowfall to see what's up in the Sanctuary. Fresh snow reveals all kinds of things going on that we don't normally even notice. Here's a little of what I saw early this afternoon:

It's pretty common to see the tracks squirrels leave behind as they run from tree to tree.

The toe-dragging tracks of a browsing deer.

If you find yourself near one of the lakes, look for open spots in the ice. They could be feeding holes. And if you're lucky you may see what's been feeding...

These guys were a little too far away for nearsighted me to tell for sure whether they were muskrats or young beavers at the time, but looking at the photos has me thinking beavers. You can find both beavers and muskrats on and in the Gaetz Lakes.

Not too bad for a few minutes' walk, really. Just remember to keep your eye on the snow when you're out on the trails this winter. You never know whose trails you might find in Waskasoo Park.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Kids' Bird Feeding

Kids’ Bird Feeding Program:
Place: Kerry Wood Nature Centre
6300 45 Ave,  Red Deer
Sunday, November 20, 2011 2:00 pm

Bring your children aged 6 to 13 to the Nature Centre for this hands-on program. We’ll look at and identify winter birds and learn what and how to feed them. Kids will construct a bird feeder and be given bird feed to take home. The seed and the feeder have a retail value of $14.95.

The program cost is $7.00 per child for Friends of the KWNC members and $8.00 for non-members. Children must be accompanied by an adult.

To register call the Kerry Wood Nature Centre, 6300 45 Ave, Red Deer, telephone 403-346-2010.
Please register by 4:00 pm November 15, 2011.

For information call Bob at 403-346-2010 ext 103