Thursday, September 25, 2008

What a guy!

Congratulations to Todd Nivens, our Programs Coordinator, for being one of three finalists for the 2008 Red Hat Awards for Customer Service.
There were 1600 nominations for great service in central Alberta, and we're proud that Todd's efforts were recognized!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall almost already!

Wow just another week until it is fall. My backyard is getting ready as you can see in the pictures.

I have a lot of nature in my backyard - One thing about not living in the town (I live on the reserve right beside town), we don't have to cut our grass except right around the trailer, which is great. I always liked the idea of just letting things grow or maybe I'm just lazy :) but I love that I just have to take a few steps out of my house and I am surrounded by more than just grass and dandelions. I get to see the busy bee getting the last bits of pollen from the aster (and take pictures of it),and see all the damselflies and dragonflies enjoying the last warm days of the early fall. A big brown dragonfly buzzed past me while I was taking the above pictures. I'm told Meadow Lake was built on swamp land, and the Meadow River is just over a block away so we get quite a few of the wetland species over here. I see some of the ducks have already left the river. And trees surround my place on three sides so I'm looking forward to seeing the true yellow, orange, and red colours of the trees shine through. While everything else is getting ready for winter, I guess I should too, like cleaning my bird feeder as suggested in Kerry Wood Nature Centre's newsletter. I want to provide some extra energy for those busy birds. Hope you are enjoying the nature around you. I look back and see it is almost a year since my last post, wow time has flown. I am in Meadow Lake for another year so I will try to represent the nature of the north a little bit better here :)