Thursday, February 28, 2008

Watch this...

We've been sent a couple of interesting video links lately that show some of the creative ways that people around the world are increasing environmental awareness.

This first one is from The Netherlands and reminds us that children who grow up playing outside and in natural areas tend to be happier and healthier: Last Children in the Woods.

The next one is an award-winning ad from Germany that's a lot of fun: Wind Power.

And now that you've watched them, it must be time to get up from the computer desk and go outside, right? Our March - May event calendar and newsletter will be out soon. Keep an eye on this space (when you're not actually outside, of course) for information on our upcoming nature and history programs in Waskasoo Park.

Fluorescent bulb recycling

Jim passed on this link to me from the City of Red Deer's website: Mercury in Fluorescent Light Bulbs.

With the coming switch to fluorescent bulbs from the old incandescent ones in 2012, it's pretty important that we all know how to dispose of them properly.