Saturday, March 09, 2013

Big tracks, little tracks

Anyone here at the Nature Centre can tell you that I'm not a winter person (just because you're a native Albertan doesn't mean that you're born with a love of Alberta winters). On a gorgeous day like today, though, even I couldn't help but take the camera for a walk around the Dr George Trail. Here's a little of what I saw.

Red Squirrels tend to use the same routes over and over. This may look like a squirrel gang, but it was just one running back and forth. Probably chattering if anyone dared to be in the way, too.

Tiny tracks tell a tale as well. Mouse and vole tracks (I'm certainly no expert, so I couldn't say which this is) may look like they suddenly disappear, but if they do there's a hole in the snow somewhere nearby. These little animals make entire warrens of tunnels under the snow, often complete with special sleeping chambers and latrines.

A deer trail down the lake, with the Nature Centre in the distance. Deer, like people, generally make use of paths that have already been started. Why break a new trail if you don't have to?

If we had more days like this, I'd find winter a lot more pleasant. Still, I can't help myself wishing that spring was a little nearer and that I was taking pictures of crocuses or Early Blue Violets instead of tracks. Speaking of spring, though, our spring newsletter and event calendar are out and should be in your mailboxes soon. If you're not a Friends of the Kerry Wood Nature Centre member but would like copies, drop by the Nature Centre to pick them up. If you'd like more information about the Friends, give us a call at 403-346-2010.

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Red said...

Thanks for describing your walk on a super nice spring day! I have to get walking out there again.