Monday, July 23, 2012

Kisiskaciwan by Vernon Wishart


A great fictional historical read by Vernon Wishart, the triple great  grandson of Kisiskaciwan, the first nations wife of the Hudson's Bay fur trader William Flett. It brings to light an ancestral Cree woman whose story was lost when her descendants came under pressure to bury their Aboriginal sides of their heritance.. It reveals trhe changing world of the Cree as they lived through the fur trade and the early days of the Red River setttlement. Available at the Kerry Wood Nature Bookstore.


Red said...

Good to see you making some posts , Bob. It's not so hard is it?
Tell Diane to take off word verification. It's a pain in the butt. Most blogs have taken off word verification and they haven't had problems.

Diane said...

I know it's a pain (believe me, I know it's a pain), but we do have a number of spammers. Blogger catches most of them, but I still see them in my tracking mail. Unfortunately, that means I think it'll have to stay for now. Sorry.