Monday, July 16, 2012

Baby bird season

Even on a rainy day, there's still plenty to see in the Gaetz Lakes Sanctuary; especially when we're in the middle of baby bird season. Here are a few quick pictures of some of the lake families. As usual, click on the photo for a larger version:

The baby Barn Swallows are out of their nest on the Bird Blind and waiting to be fed. Believe me, the parents were letting me know they were there as I took this shot.

Just one of the many duck families to be found on the lake at the moment.

The young American Coots are past their incredibly ugly stage (ask anyone who's seen a Coot baby. Incredibly ugly is about right. And, incredibly, partially orange-coloured) now. In this picture the young one's on the left and the adult's on the right.

A busy day on the lake. I find that it's often worthwhile to go walking in a light rain. There are usually less people about, and that can mean better viewing opportunities for those with the patience. And, of course, a decent raincoat.

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Red said...

Yes a very active time in the sanctuary. I will have to get down as I want some flower pictures.
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