Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Wash-out & trail closure

On October 29th, a City crew was flushing hydrants on the Michener Centre grounds. They ran their hoses under the fence and, unfortunately, washed away the hillside. The humus, topsoil, and even the silty mineral soil was swept away, undercutting and bringing down 5–10 trees, and blocking the trail with a deep blanket of muck.

The City is taking this very seriously, and has closed the trail around the lakes for this week while the hazardous tree crews remove the trees that might endanger perdestrians or workers. The mud on the trail will be removed, and the Wishart trail should reopen by next week.

Silt barriers will be left in place to prevent silation of the lake, and slope stabilization (including replantings of native species) will happen later.

It sounds like there is a substantial effort being made to prevent a similar thing from arising again in the future, too.

In the meantime, as tempting as it is, please respect the Closed signs and don't go through the washout area: work crews shouldn't have to worry about running over someone with a Bobcat or wonder if anyone will be in the way when they bring down a hazardous tree!

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