Friday, November 05, 2010

Morning Moose

One of the great things about Red Deer being in such close proximity to natural spaces is that often, nature takes the time to visit.

This morning we had three young moose essentially surround the Nature Centre. They ate the plants out of Kathryn's garden, nibbled at the trees in front of the building and, as you can see in the video, one got up on our loading dock.

This is a great reminder that even though we live in an urban centre, we are part of nature. Visits like these, show us that with some respect on our part, we can co-exist with wild animals.

In the Nature Nursery nook, outside my office window

Looking into the programs workshop while standing on the veggie garden (tomato cage to the left of the moose)

Just about to step up on the loading dock, from the veggie garden.

I guess we didn't need those seeds for next year

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