Wednesday, August 24, 2005

West Gaetz Lake, last Friday afternoon

Considering our lovely weather today, I thought it might be nice to remind everyone that we did have sunshine for one or two days last week...

The interesting thing to me about this picture is that if I'd been standing there a few centuries or so earlier, I'd have been standing in the middle of the Red Deer River.

The Gaetz Lakes are remnants of an old bend of the river that was abandoned when the river cut its present channel. Oxbow lakes, as these remnants are called, usually dry up over time, but the springs coming out of Michener Hill have kept the Gaetz Lakes going for a while longer than they might have otherwise.

Shallow oxbow lakes create perfect nesting habitat for large numbers of water birds, and the Gaetz Lakes are the reason why the Sanctuary become Alberta's first federal migratory waterfowl sanctuary back in 1924.

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