Tuesday, August 06, 2013

mosquitoes away-no chemicals

Now available at the Kerry Wood Nature Centre Bookstore--,Aug 5,2013

Hemp-AWAYHemp-AWAY 250ml bottle With the Skin-Soothing properties of 100% pure Hemp Seed Oil, the natural repellent properties of Citronella, Witch Hazel, Cedarwood, and others, our Hemp-AWAY will make sure the bugs just stay AWAY. You can feel safe using this formulation as often as necessary as all ingredients are from nature. The essential oils will penetrate your skin with the help of the Hemp Seed Oil, and will be used for good and then completely eliminated naturally if not needed.


 special during August --$13.95
      regular   $15.00


darlin said...

Does this also work on pets? Dogs and/or horses?

Diane said...

I just checked the bottle, and it says that the product is safe for children, pets, and horses.