Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happenings on the Lake

I'll admit that this is one of my favourite times of year in the Sanctuary. The Boreal Chorus Frogs are calling up a storm, the Tree Swallows are back and chirping away (two of my personal favourite spring sounds, and right out our back door here at the Nature Centre), and everything's in a bit of a bustle to get started. I went out for a quick walk to the bird blind on the West Gaetz lake this morning to see what was going on, and here's a little of what was out there:

Look out the "windows" on the boardwalk before the deck proper and you may be able to spot this Red-necked Grebe on its nest.

The male Ruddy Ducks are currently displaying for the females and chasing the other males away. They're very entertaining, and are busy all around the deck.

 A look at a few of the Canada Geese -- and friend -- hanging out on the West Lake.

It's supposed to be a great weekend for a walk, so bring your camera, binoculars, and bird book and join us out on the trails!

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