Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spring things

After noticing that one of our bats has made it back to his roost on the building (I blogged a photo of the roost last year, so check this post if you'd like to see it), I thought I'd take a quick walk out to the bird blind to see what other spring returnees we have on the West Lake.

Oddly enough, I barely had to get out the back door to see my first lake dweller. The Red-winged Blackbirds are back, and they'll often come over to the feeders to stock up on quick energy. Something to watch for.

Out on the lake itself, it's very obvious from the "complaining" that the Coots are back. There are also Canada Geese, a whole bunch of ducks (a little too far down the lake for me to have much of a go at identifying anything but the Mallards), and Red-necked Grebes.

Elsewhere, you're sure to hear the Black-capped Chickadees' "cheeseburger" calls as they set territory, and I think that I may have heard my first Tree Swallow of the season. Don't quote me on that one, though. I really look forward to the Tree Swallows' return, so it's pretty easy for me to wish myself into hearing it.

As far as plants go, my sinuses can tell you that Poplar pollen season is in full swing. On a more pleasant (for me, at any rate) note, I haven't noticed the Early Blue Violets blooming on the sides of the Sanctuary paths yet, but I have seen them in other places.

Spring's trying hard to happen, if you look for it. What's your personal favourite sign of spring in nature? Leave us a comment here, or tweet it with #reddeerspring. And if you're not already following us on Twitter, look for more of our spring sightings @NatureCentre.

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