Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Books and Bird Seed Info

New Books-bird feeders

The bookstore has a great inventory of bird feeders in stock. It also has a good supply of bird seed at really good prices. Our sources tell us bird seed prices will go up about 20% by November. For sure, we'll stick to our current prices until November 1.
New Books for Children;
1. I Found a Dead Bird by Jan Thornhill ; it answers the question for children, " why do things have to die."-$12.95 readability ages 9-13
2. - WHY? The best ever answer book about nature? price 12.95 ages 5-11
3. This is my Planet The Kids’ Guide to Global Warming $12.95

In this intelligent, comprehensive look at global
warming, Jan Thornhill gives a young audience the
tools to understand the crisis and empowers readers
to take action in their own lives. This Is My Planet
answers basic questions about how our planet works
and takes an in-depth look at how climate change is
affecting different environments and people around
the world.
Without shying away from facts, This Is My Planet
offers hope, showing where action can make a
difference, and evidence of the amazing resilience of the earth.
Readability ages 9-13.

4. Not Your Typical Book About the Environment by Elin Kelsery, $12.95
Readability ages 9-12. Talks about a world where hope is possible and so much is sustainable-food, energy, cities ,even happiness.

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