Monday, March 08, 2010

Take a Survey - Help us Out

The Nature Centre staff is looking to overhaul the programs offered both onsite at the Nature Centre and offsite in th community and surrounding area.

Please take a moment to hit the link and fill out our on-line survey. It will take less than 10 minutes.



Lauren said...

hey TOdd, I was at the social media workshop in Clagary and wanted to say thank you for a motivating talk you gave, Your enthusiasm is wonderful! I found opportunity and excitment for growth in my methods!
I was checking out your site and opened a pdf on april-aug programs. it gives the contact to your blog site as blogspot.CA whereas to access the site it must be .COM . Thought this would be good to know!
Take care

Todd said...

Hi Lauren. Thanks for the heads-up about the .com issue. Even with three editors on that brochure we managed to miss it.

Keep in touch with us.