Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mobile Blogging

If you're trying to get in touch with any of the core interpretive staff at the Nature Centre this week, you're likely leaving messages on voice mail. Jim, Kathryn, Diane and I are at a Leadership Development conference in Kananaskis.

Through Thursday we're involved in a multitude of activities; the end goal being an action plan to keep WEES on track through the next five years.

Our first experience in K-country was dealing with the wind. Watching people from different parts of the province deal with huge winds was interesting. Those of us from central and northern Alberta were stunned by the volume and ferocity; those from the Lethbridge region were amused by the light breeze. However, when the facility manager drops by to let you know that there is an official wind warning - and has the head wound from a flying branch to prove it - everybody takes notice.

The facility at the Kananaskis Field station is located at the foot of a couple of mountains, east of Canmore. It is a stunning location that while a mere 100 metres off the highway, feels like a backcountry lodge. The food has been great, the buildings are spotless and the scenery is world class.

We're being filled with knowledge and being given the tools to take on the strategic planning needed to keep our organization fresh, viable and sustainable.

See you Friday folks.

Don't forget... Crafty Saturday runs the afternoon of the 21st at 2:00, Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour tickets are on sale and the Christmas Light Exchange is in full swing. Give the Nature Centre a call at 403-346-2010 for more information.

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